Weekend of Highs and Lows for Paugan Falls Rapids

This past weekend, the Paugan Falls Rapids experienced a rollercoaster of emotions with a commanding 7-2 victory against the Glengarry Pipers on Friday, followed by a challenging 6-2 loss to the South Grenville Rangers on Saturday.

A Friday Night Feast

The Rapids' offensive prowess was on full display Friday night. The chemistry that the team has been fostering in practice shone through, with Nolan Peck opening the scoring on an assist from Eric Skyba. Skyba himself netted a brilliant shot under the crossbar to double the lead by the end of the second period. The momentum carried into the third, with the Rapids confidently lifting the score to a dominant 7-2 win.

Eric Skyba led the charge with an impressive 1 goal and 2 assists, while Ryan Peck's consistent performance across the weekend, totaling 3 goals and an assist, was a highlight for the Rapids.

Saturday's Stumble

Saturday's game presented a tougher challenge. Playing back-to-back games took its toll on the Rapids' endurance, especially against a fully-rested Rangers team. Despite a strong start and commendable effort, the Rapids couldn't replicate Friday's success, succumbing to a 6-2 defeat.

A notable moment came towards the end of the second period when Jeremy Maisonneuve engaged in a fight, reflecting the team's spirit and fight despite the challenging circumstances.

Fan Energy and Team Spirit

The atmosphere at Saturday's home game was electric, with an attendance of 350 fans who brought energy and support, creating an engaging environment for both players and spectators.

Looking Ahead

The win against the Pipers propelled the Rapids to 7th place in the EOSHL East Division, now sitting at 5 points with games in hand. The close standings, with three teams tied at 6 points, make for an exciting prospect in the upcoming games. The team remains optimistic, eager to build on the weekend's experiences.

As the Rapids continue their season, the focus is on harnessing the positive energy from Friday's win and learning from Saturday's setback. With growing chemistry and a positive outlook, the team looks forward to the challenges ahead, ready to climb up the standings and showcase the true spirit of the Paugan Falls Rapids.