Calling all Volunteers


The Paugan Falls Rapids are looking for volunteers for the upcoming season. Running a successful senior hockey franchise has a lot of moving parts. This is even more true in our first season, where we're laying the groundwork for our future success.

Our hope is that we can develop a list of supporters that we can call on if necessary to help the team with key tasks. These roles can vary from volunteering for any days we work on the arena, to helping out on game day or at team events, or even being on our executive committee!

Our team is registered as a non-for-profit organization. We are hoping this team can be used as a means to bring about positive change in the arena, community and the whole Gatineau Valley. 

There are three key areas that will require the communities' support: Arena Improvements, Team Events and Executive Committee.

Arena improvements

We have a long list of arena improvements that we hope to be able to work on with the help of the Gatineau Valley Arena. Some of our initial goals for our first couple years are:

  • Expand on dressing room 4 to build a new home dressing room for the Rapids
  • Create a media box over dressing room 2 and 3 for filming our home games
  • New glass on some parts of the ice to make the facility safe for players and spectators
  • Minor changes to the home and away benches
  • General arena improvements

In future years we hope to continue to make improvements to the facility as well.

team Events

On game days and at team fundraisers we have a lot of minor activities taking place, having volunteers to help organize these activities is very important to our success. These roles include:

  • Ticketing
  • 50/50
  • Chuck-a-Puck
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Reporting
  • Social Media


Our Executive Committee works with the Board of Directors to ensure that the organization is achieving its goals. The key roles on our executive committee include:

  • Financial Coordinator - Nolan Peck
  • Event Coordinator - Mike Lachapelle & Kirk Peck
  • Facilities Coordinator - Scott Mahoney
  • Marketing Coordinator - UNSTAFFED
  • Fundraising Coordinator - UNSTAFFED
  • Booster Club Coordinator - UNSTAFFED

Next steps

If you would like to help our organization, please sign up for our booster club and we'll be in touch with you as soon as we can!