Recap of the Gear for Kids Event: A Day of Community, Excitement, and New Beginnings

On a hot and sunny day, the Paugan Falls Rapids and Nextshift came together to host the highly anticipated Gear for Kids event on the Heritage Hall lawn, right behind the Gatineau Valley Arena. The event, which ran from 10 am to 2 pm, was an incredible success, bringing joy and excitement to local kids eager to start their hockey journey.

A Fantastic Turnout and Atmosphere

The weather was perfect for the event, with clear skies and warm temperatures adding to the festive atmosphere. A total of 41 kids were geared up, including 12 girls (1 goalie and 11 players) and 29 boys (3 goalies and 26 players). The excitement was palpable as kids walked away with their new hockey gear, their faces beaming with joy and anticipation.

Highlights and Memorable Moments

The day was filled with standout moments that showcased the community spirit and enthusiasm for hockey:

  • Brand New Gear: Some lucky kids walked away with brand new True hockey gear, adding to their excitement and readiness for the upcoming season.
  • Ronnie Rapid’s Appearance: The event reached a peak of excitement when Ronnie Rapid made a surprise appearance at around 11:30 am, delighting the kids and adding to the festive atmosphere.
  • Shooting Station: The shooting station was a hit, with kids firing pucks all day long. It provided a perfect spot for them to test out their new sticks and gloves, guided by Rapids players.
  • Nextshift Volunteers: Special thanks to Mackenzie Janes and Chet Holterman from Nextshift, who arrived with a truck and trailer full of hockey gear. Their hands-on assistance in gearing up the kids was invaluable. The Paugan Falls Rapids extend a heartfelt thank you to Mackenzie, Chet, and the entire Nextshift organization for making this event possible.

Community Impact and Future Aspirations

The event underscored the commitment of the Paugan Falls Rapids and Nextshift to making hockey accessible to all. By providing the necessary equipment and support, the dream of playing hockey is now becoming a reality for more kids in the area. The success of this event has laid the groundwork for future community initiatives aimed at fostering a love for hockey and ensuring that every kid has what they need to play hockey!

Season Tickets and Merchandise

In addition to the gear distribution, season tickets, replica jerseys, and other merchandise were available for purchase at the event. For those who couldn't make it, these items are still available for purchase online.

Looking Ahead

As the event came to a close, the smiles on the kids' faces and the positive feedback from parents and guardians highlighted the success of the Gear for Kids event. The Paugan Falls Rapids and Nextshift look forward to hosting similar events in the future, continuing their mission to support the community and nurture the next generation of hockey players.

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