Rapids Gear Up for Exciting Clash Against Undefeated Rockets

This Saturday at 7:00 PM, the Paugan Falls Rapids face a formidable challenge as they take on the North Dundas Rockets at the Gatineau Valley Arena. The Rockets, an undefeated powerhouse with a 9-0 record and back-to-back league championships, present a thrilling opportunity for the Rapids to showcase their growth and resilience.

A Game with a Festive Twist

The match follows the much-anticipated Christmas Parade hosted by the Low Fire Department, and the Rapids are eager to welcome parade-goers to continue the festivities at the game. In the spirit of the season, the Rapids have partnered with the Low Fire Department for a special "Toss-a-Bear" event. Fans are encouraged to bring a stuffed animal to toss onto the ice during the first intermission, with all collected bears going to local families in need. This heartwarming initiative promises to add a unique and charitable aspect to the game night.

Rest and Preparation

After a demanding weekend, the Rapids are focusing on rest and strategic preparation. They are set to bring their best game forward in this high-stakes match against the Rockets.

An Opportunity for a Milestone

This game is not just another match in the season—it presents the Rapids with a chance to hand the Rockets their first defeat. It's a challenge the team and staff are excited to embrace, understanding the significance of such a potential victory.

Community Engagement and Excitement

In addition to the "Toss-a-Bear" event, fans have another chance to participate in the draw for tickets to see the Ottawa Senators play. This ongoing engagement is a testament to the Rapids' commitment to bringing the community together through exciting and meaningful activities.

The Ultimate Challenge

The Rapids will have to keep a close eye on Brett Gustavsen, the league's points leader, who has racked up an impressive 28 points in just 8 games. Contending with such a formidable opponent will require strategic focus and unwavering determination.


This Saturday's game is brought to you by Brennan's Hill Restaurant & Bar and Ryan's Garage.

Tickets and Ongoing Commitment

Tickets are available at the door, offering everyone a chance to be part of this electrifying matchup. The Rapids, continually working hard in games and practices, are dedicated to rising as a top contender in the league. This commitment to improvement and excellence is a journey that both the team and its fans are passionate about.

Join us this Saturday at the Gatineau Valley Arena for an evening of competitive hockey, community spirit, and festive cheer. Let's rally behind the Rapids as they face off against the Rockets in what promises to be a memorable game!