Heritage Night: A Celebration of Hockey History and High-Stakes Rapids Action

This Saturday at the Gatineau Valley Arena, the Paugan Falls Rapids invite you to a special Heritage Night, a celebration dedicated to the rich history of the Central Gatineau Hockey League (CGHL) and a crucial game against the Glengarry Pipers, where playoff dreams are on the line.

Honouring the Legends of CGHL

The night will be graced by the presence of numerous ex-CGHL players and family members, coming together to reminisce and honor the legacy of the league. Al Mahoney, a former player and coach in the CGHL, will have the honour of dropping the ceremonial puck, symbolically bridging past and present.

CGHL Exhibit: A Trove of Memories

We've expanded our CGHL exhibit significantly. Now featuring jerseys and jackets from nearly all the teams, an extensive collection of photos, some rare video footage, and old equipment, the exhibit promises a deep dive into local hockey lore. Open from 5 pm until after the game, it's a must-see for any hockey enthusiast.

Meet and Greet: Reconnecting the Community

Starting at 5 pm, the meet and greet offers a chance for fans, former CGHL players, and their families to connect and share stories from the glory days of the league. It's an opportunity to celebrate the community's enduring love for the game.

Exciting Game Day Events

Jan McCambley will kick the night off with his performance of the national anthem, setting a fitting tone for the night. The much-anticipated 50/50 draw and the chuck-a-puck contest will add to the night's excitement. Fans can participate in these fun activities while supporting the team and potentially winning great prizes. 

A Game with Playoff Implications

With a playoff spot hanging in the balance, the Rapids are geared up for one of their most important games of the season. A win against the Pipers will secure their place in the playoffs, making this match a high-stakes encounter that fans won't want to miss.

Special Roles Filled by CGHL Alumni

The evening will be enriched by contributions from several individuals who played in the old CGHL, as well as key members of the current Rapids organization. The game's announcing will be in the capable hands of Greg McLaughlin (Venosta).

Handling the intricacies of league scorekeeping will be Bruce Daly (Low), while Charlie Lauzier (Kaz)  provides his expertise as the visiting team liaison. The task of selecting the three stars of the game falls to Darryl Mayer (Danford).

In the coaching realm, the Rapids are led by Head Coach Randy Peck (Danford), with able assistance from John Peck (Danford) and Steven Carroll (Farrellton). 

For anyone who catches the game on YouTube at a later date, Warren Stevenson will lend his voice as a commentator, providing insights and keeping the fans engaged throughout the match just like his father used to do for the CGHL.

Behind the scenes, the event's smooth operation will be overseen by Mike Lachapelle (Kaz/Danford) and Kirk Peck (Danford), serving as Event Coordinators. Their efforts ensure that Heritage Night is not only a celebration of hockey history but also a showcase of the community's current passion for the sport.

Lastly, Scott Mahoney (Venosta) played a pivotal role in the planning of Heritage Night, dedicating his efforts to collecting and curating a wealth of old memorabilia that is central to showcasing the rich history of the CGHL. 

Join Us for a Night of Hockey Heritage

Heritage Night is more than just a game; it's a journey through the history of local hockey and a celebration of the community's enduring passion for the sport. Come and be part of this special event, cheer on the Rapids in their quest for a playoff spot, and immerse yourself in the rich heritage of the CGHL.