Gear Up for Glory: Paugan Falls Rapids & Next Shift's Community Boost

On the 6th of July, the tranquil ambiance of Low, Quebec, will transform as the Paugan Falls Rapids and Next Shift come together in a partnership that embodies the core spirit of the community. With a mission "To bring the community together through our shared love of the game of hockey," the Rapids are set to host a remarkable event where Next Shift will roll in with a truck and trailer brimming with hockey gear.

Event Information

Mark your calendars for July 6th as the Heritage Hall lawn in Low becomes the backdrop for a special gear-up event from 10 am to 2 pm. The Paugan Falls Rapids and Next Shift are excited to invite community members of all skill levels, ages 3-18, whether just starting out or in need of updated gear, to join us for this inclusive hockey celebration. Everyone is welcome to explore the equipment options available and find the perfect fit to help kickstart or continue their hockey journey.

Next Shift's Drive for Inclusivity

Next Shift, renowned for championing equitable access to hockey, will lay out a veritable treasure trove of equipment, ensuring that every child in the Gatineau Valley with a dream to skate has the means to chase it. 

"This is a great opportunity for all kids in the community who are looking to try hockey!" exclaims Aidan Foley, Rapids' goaltender and dedicated goalie coach with Next Shift. "Hockey teaches core values in teamwork, resilience, discipline, and so much more, which is why this partnership will help out the Gatineau Valley hockey community!"

A Shared Vision and a Day of Dreams

Mackenzie Janes, the driven founder of Next Shift, combines his understanding of community dynamics with a clear goal — to make hockey an attainable dream for every child. The July 6 event is not only about outfitting young athletes but also about embedding the values that both the Rapids and Next Shift hold dear.

"I think that this partnership is going to prove very beneficial to the community, which is part of the Rapids' key values," Foley continues. "Just as Next Shift’s goals are to help strengthen and promote a more equitable hockey community for all, we're willing to help out the best we can!"

The Call to Action

As the sun casts its midsummer glow, families are encouraged to come down to the event — to bring old gear, to partake, and to witness the heart of a community beating strong. The Rapids and Next Shift extend their invitation to all: Come out and be part of this hockey celebration. It's more than just a game; it's about building a future where every child gets to experience the thrill of the sport, the joy of the game, and the unity of the community.