Gatineau Valley Arena Rocks as Rapids Take On Mustangs in Front of Record Crowd

In a high-octane matchup that set a new attendance record at the Gatineau Valley Arena, the Paugan Falls Rapids faced a tough battle against the South Stormont Mustangs, ultimately falling 7-3. Despite the scoreline, the game was a showcase of resilience, community spirit, and unforgettable moments.

Early Setbacks and a Spirited Comeback

The Mustangs quickly established a 3-0 lead, putting the Rapids on their heels. However, the Rapids displayed their fighting spirit, with Sam McLaughlin scoring a breakaway goal off an assist from Ryan Peck. The energy shifted as Luke Peck thundered a one-timer top corner on a 5-3 advantage, narrowing the Mustangs' lead. Garth McLaughlin further fueled the comeback with a sharp-angled shot, bringing the game to a close 4-3.

Third Period Rally by Mustangs

Despite the Rapids' valiant efforts, the Mustangs rallied back in the third period, extending their lead and securing a 7-3 victory. Malcolm Patry, in goal for the Rapids, made several crucial saves throughout the night, keeping the team in contention, while Ryan Peck's dual assists earned him the third star of the game.

Record-Setting Crowd and Electric Atmosphere

The game's atmosphere was nothing short of electric, with nearly 600 fans in attendance, setting a new record for the Rapids in their inaugural season. The energy in the arena was palpable, especially during the Rapids' second-period resurgence, fueled by Sam McLaughlin's breakaway goal.

Community Engagement and Celebrations

The game was as much a community event as it was a hockey match. Greg McLaughlin's rendition of the national anthem was stellar, and flag bearers Amber and Wyatt Stevenson added to the ceremonial charm. In a stroke of luck, Liz Bardell won the 50/50, taking home $1584, while Stacey Peck, mother of three Rapids players, won the draw for Senators tickets. Superfan Pierce Lemieux caught a puck thrown by Ryan Peck, adding a personal touch to the evening.

Post-Game Festivities

The sense of community extended beyond the rink, with Brennan's Hill Restaurant and Bar becoming a post-game hub for fans and players alike. The crowd, bolstered by many returning home for the holidays, contributed to an energetic and exciting environment.

Looking Ahead

The Rapids now sit in 7th place in the EOSHL's East Division, with games in hand and a clear shot at a playoff spot. The team's resilience and the unwavering support from the fans are testaments to the Rapids' spirit and determination.

As the Rapids gear up for their next challenge, they carry with them the lessons from this game and the energy of a community united in support. The journey continues, with eyes set firmly on the playoffs and the goal of bringing playoff hockey to the Gatineau Valley.

Game Photos by Emily Crites